World’s Premier Luxury Whiskey Experience

Universal Whisky Experience is about providing the connoisseur, collector, enthusiast and premium spirits consumer, the most exclusive, luxurious and intimate whisky enjoyment at an elite luxury resort in the world capital of entertainment. Showcasing some of the finest and rarest premium whiskies from a top tier of brands.
Universal Whisky Experience over the last 7 years have set a record with truly unique Luxury Whisky Experiences and Tastings around the Globe.

International Whisky Experiences are all once in a lifetime event with openings of the world’s most expensive super premium whiskies, personally tutored by celebrity master distillers, blenders and brand owners consisting of 3-4 days of Ultimate Luxury in exotic locations. Universal Whisky Experience and premium brands have also hosted Epicurean Dinner and Whisky Tastings throughout North America at spectacular Restaurants, World renowned events like the Masters and famous landmarks such as the Grand Canyon.

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Built on WordPress, Universal Whiskey Experience provide you the dash of royalty and luxury & make a perfect weekend getaway accessible.

We walked extra mile to make Universal Whiskey Experience’s Events opulent, here’s a peek.
  • The website is easy to navigate and swift to loads on all the devices.
  • The main motive of these events is to provide guests a luxurious getaway, the user interface of the site is built to give user the essence royalty.
  • Same attention to detail was kept to ensure a great mobile experience for newcomers and returners alike. Encapsulated by the phone's screen, every Universal Experience event is allowed to stand out.

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